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When your truck isn't big enough, call us!

If your pickup truck is dependable, but just not strong enough for the job, we can help.


Simply call Desert Mini Roll-Offs and we'll drop off a container to you. You fill it up and we haul it away.

Durable containers can hold up to 8,000 pounds, so you can dispose of whatever it is you need to and have us haul it away whenever you want.

No matter what you are trying to get rid of, we can help. From solid waste collection to construction site debris to landscape material, just dispose of it, and we haul.

Whether you are a business owner needing to clear space after a construction project or a homeowner needing debris removal, we provide for both.

Our 15-yard containers will be everything you need. Five feet tall, eight feet wide, and 12 feet long, containers can hold 8,000 lbs. and can be filled easily.

Hauling and disposal.

You think of it, we haul it.

Commercial or residential.

15-yard containers.

Call today and customize your pick-up.

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